A Guide to Google Display Ads: The Basics and More!

Google Display Ads are a type of advertisement that can be shown on Google’s network of websites, including YouTube, Gmail and Google Maps. They often appear as boxes containing text, images or video that link to a company’s website.

How to install Google Analytics 4 with GTM? – Google Analytics 4 Tutorial

1. First, you need to create Google Analytics 4 properties 2. Then, the data stream needs to be created (here, I will show how to set up the web stream) 3. Copy the measurement ID you get after creating the property 4. Create the GA-4 configuration tag 5. Paste the measurement ID you copied in the Tag 6. Check for issues with the new Tag 7. Now publish the changes to Google Tag Manager
Google Tag Manager

Why use Google Tag Manager?

With Google Tag Manager, you can create and update tags yourself, with the help of which you can track conversion tracking, site analytics, remarketing, and many more. There are numerous…