What is Digital Marketing?


By Digital Marketing, we usually mean Facebook marketing or Google marketing. But the scope of digital marketing is much broader. 


Digital marketing also includes email marketing, blogging, content marketing, podcasting, video streaming, wireless text messaging, search engine optimization, etc.


Before understanding digital marketing, let’s first look at inbound and outbound marketing. 


By marketing, we used to refer to outbound marketing. Outbound marketing is the kind of marketing we see on billboards, TV, and radio. The popularity of this type of marketing has declined significantly over the last 10 years.


Inbound marketing is targeted at potential customers and marketed with engaging content, keeping their likes and dislikes in mind, such as blog posts, social media, infographics, email newsletters, and other types of content that people read or watch in their own interest.


Digital marketing allows us to view data in real-time. For example, how many times an ad has been shown, how long it has been shown, its response rate, whether anyone has purchased after seeing the ad etc..


Customer relationship management has reached a unique height due to digital marketing. Now customers are being supported 24 hours a day online. Just as it increases customer satisfaction, it also makes communication easier.


A company can quickly get positive and negative feedback from customers through digital media platforms. This makes it possible to determine what factors control a customer’s purchasing behavior and what type of platform is most appropriate for that company.


Due to the popularity of digital marketing, many companies are gradually shifting from traditional marketing to digital platform marketing. It is safe to say that the more mature digital marketing platforms become in the future, the more companies will invest in them.

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