How do you set up your ad account to successfully display Google ads?


First, you can categorize the product or service that you sell. That’s how you can organize your ad account campaign.


There are two types of organizations in the Google Ads account. The first is called the campaign, which is at the high level, and the latter is called the Ad Group, which is at the low level. You can have multiple ad groups in one campaign.


You might think of campaigns and ad groups as campaigns, a large category of products or services you sell, and ad groups as a specific product or service categories.


For example, in the Kids Crafts campaign, you can put ad groups such as paint and markers; Glitter & Glue & craft Kits.


If you arrange your campaign in this way, more genuinely interested people in that product/service will see your ads. For example, if someone finds a paint and marker, he will not accidentally see the glitter and glue ad.


The more focused and specific your ad is, it will attract more people to precisely what you want to sell.

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